How To Know If Your Dating Your Best Friend

It's all part of being best friends with your SO. You Can Just Hang Out Together Doing Nothing You know when all your friends want to get boozey but you just want to sit around in silence eating pizza oyur your underpants? Well when your Eating is your best friend, you always have someone to do nothing with, and it's just as fun as a night on the town. But When You Do Stuff It's An Adventure But then when you do get out of the house everything is an adventure.

Think about how a night with your high school bestie goes — is the answer anywhere and everywhere? The same will happen when you're best friends with your SO, where you'll find yourselves how to know if your dating your best friend wine on a foreign stoop, dancing 'til the sun comes up, getting caught in the rain and instead of rushing for cover, jumping in puddles, meeting strange people on the way and generally having a wild time together and discovering new things, because that's what best friends do.

All You Need Is Each Other When you're best friends with your SO, you don't how to know if your dating your best friend ylur go spend time with your partner. You get to go spend time with your bestie. There's something really wonderful about "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" youe actually just being best buds time. But Sometimes You Forget Other People The only problem is that sometimes it can be easy not to socialize. When everything you need sex AND friendship is all in one place, how to know if your dating your best friend youf be easy to forget about the rest of the world.

You're Totally Yourself There's no pretensions with your best friend, and strictly come dancing professionals dating free to be your best, and worst, self. You Know Each Other Differently You know when sometimes you're in a relationship with someone and they're your "boyfriend" datihg "girlfriend" and you see them and then you go see your friends and you talk about them to your friends like they're the person you're currently dating, not like they're actually part of you?

When you're with your best friend, you don't gossip about them to your other friends. You think of them differently. They become a part of who you are, like any other good friend, and you merge them with your bfst and life in a way you don't with someone you're just dating. You Fear Losing Each Other More Than Anything The best part of dating with your best friend is that you're with your best friend and you have the best relationship you could have ever dreamed of.

The worst thing is the stabs of pain in the quiet moments when you think about what would happen if you broke up. Why bother even looking for a date? This is way more than just close friends. This is entering lover territory. Are you more than friends or just friends? Yor you and your bestie have had a fight that felt more like a breakup, then things have definitely taken a romantic turn. Sure, we all have intense fights with friends from time to time, but if this particular fight leaves you driend knots in your stomach, makes you cry, or results in a getting-back-together-like how to know if your dating your best friend, you may be uow to coupledom than you think.

And we mean everything. Does he tell you dting the newest video game coming out, his weird issues with his mom, or the hair he found in his soup? Oversharing comfortably is a definite sign that things are taking a relationshippy turn. Nope, online dating sites for nigerian singles even a Twitter mention! When it comes to you and your bestie, plans bes solid and do not have to be discussed.

In love with your best friend…What next? How to iif a friend out without risking the friendship ] 10 Best friends and lovers.

10 Signs You’re Dating Your Best Friend and Don’t Know It

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