Persona 4 Dating Multiple

Which is not so bad until you remember her father has recently died and the guy she has a crush on does not return her feelings, making her feel that she will lose all people she cares about. When she gets over them and meets a guy who likes her for her she genuinely falls in love with him instead of being in a relationship for the sake of being a relationship or using Yu as a replacement for the ball-polishers And as for if you persona 4 dating multiple out to have more prrsona one girl in Golden In perspna of the investigation team, to their faces.

They all thought they were your only girl, and some ask you what you're going to do without them on Valentine's day without your girlfriend. You cannot give a straight answer to this but they won't press it. Some suspect that you are going to see another girl, but they trust you because you're Search dating sites Narukami and you'll always do what is right and true, yes?

How the girls react to your actions: Chie makes it look like she takes it the best, believing herself to just be too plain and too boring in comparison to the other girls. Yukiko ends up severely doubting herself in a way that could nearly undo what her fight with her persona ended up achieving. Rise says that she will not take this "lying down" Maybe even datin the feeling that nobody likes her for ,ultiple "true" self.

The muotiple who takes this the hardest persona 4 dating multiple Naotowho is peesona detective and blames herself persona 4 dating multiple she did not see this coming. Even worse is that she all but knows what is going on, but she looks away from the answer because she does not want to see the truth. She introduces you too yukiko, who immediately grabs your attention wit her cute face. Persona 4 dating multiple game sort of initially pulls you towards yukiko as a LI, especially through the first few social links.

Then you meet Dating website fish in the sea, who is surprise surprise a member of the I. Atlus doesn't really give a clear but on her in ht beginning, for a superstar she seems kind of shy, though fairly fed up with people. Then after you fight her shadow, you see how she is like mega clingy and its almost sort of a turn off.

Then of cours eyou meet Naoto, who turns out to datnig a girl and is somewhat cute in her tom boyishness. As you have been playing the game thought, you would have bee ranking up social links, and all the girls suddenly become a lot more attractive. Naoto has those cute blush moments, and how she fights multipld persona 4 dating multiple is her true self shows her compassion to just be who she wants. Rise becomes seemingly less clingy in the later parts of the social link, and really begins to open up with actual love for your rather than a high school girl crush.

Ironically Yukiko, the first person you meet seems to get less interesting as the SL goes on, especially compared to the other girls, while Chie who was probably on the bottom of most peoples 44 for the first half of the game suddenly shoots way up in mmultiple of her multpile shown a love interest in the MC.


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