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CCCs speed dating 10 minutes Tell participants that the goal of the next activity is to give them a first introduction to how the Crosscutting Concepts CCCs are defined. Have each participant blindly draw a card. That card will have either the title of a CCC e. Their task is to mingle around the room looking for their CCC match. If they have the title of a CCC, they are searching for the person who has the definition; speed dating california they have the definition, they are searching for the person who has the matching title.

When they find their match, the pair or group should sit down together at any table to show they have completed the activity. During the activity, walk parent online dating site and help participants who are struggling to find their groups. You should also use some of this time to put out stations for the next activity. Show the CCC Speed dating definitions slide. Ask participants if they correctly matched speed dating california CCC title with the definition.

Pause and ask for any thoughts, comments, or questions about these definitions. Discussion questions may include: Were any definitions particularly difficult or easy to match. Are any of these definitions surprising or confusing to you? Each participant will have speed dating california worksheet and will be visiting stations At each station, speed dating boston free will see examples of mostly science content that is related to one CCC.

Some stations also include dating site victoria of non-science content. Their task is to identify the CCC that unifies all of the examples at the station. Participants should record their matches on the worksheet. The notes column can be used to jot down blogs dating relationships thoughts about how they made the match, or ideas of other things that could fit into this CCC. They can work in pairs or speed dating california. Within Reach is for people age 21 and older.

Different nights are aimed toward various age groups — ones on the calendar now are for ages and Other themed events also are lined up. For the 22 dating 18 reddit and rugged male and the single woman who loves her cowboy boots. There are gatherings catered toward everything from jazz lovers and sports speed dating california to old-movie buffs, the fitness-minded and intellectuals.

Richardson said another idea is a night for those into tattoos and piercings. Robert Richardson, on speed dating being the way to go Not to say that only blacks are welcome at African American Singles night, he assured. We encourage people to come with open minds. Other special singles events and seminars and workshops he plans — bringing in experts on financial planning, child-rearing, relationships, etc.

Richardson is a pastor, but said starting a business that gives folks a safe way to get together has little to do with that. Owner Dating discovery phase Richardson is pictured in the business on Wednesday Joan Barnett Lee jlee modbee. Exterior of the business is pictured on Wednesday Sign up today for unlimited digital access to our website, apps, elite online dating pdf digital newspaper and more.

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