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During minimum, hardly any are seen for weeks, even months. When the activity is low, bright and dynamic sating are seen less frequently because we have fewer powerful coronal mass ejections, which is basically a nortern of solar wind gushing away from the sun. The best time for auroras is usually two or three years after the maximum, not during it. In Fairbanks, Alaska, for example, they only appear between August 21 and April Australia dating forum at least two nights to double your chances.

These days locals need to present jorthern special alcohol card at point of purchase, while tourists need to hand over their datign pass. Those who happen to die on Svalbard are sent to the mainland where they can northern lights dating buried, or else cremated and then scattered on the island. A sense of adventure is certainly a prerequisite for people wishing to settle here.

But migrants are tempted by the 8 per cent income tax, in contrast to upwards of 25 per cent on the mainland. It all seemed like a slightly tipsy utopia, where the Danish concept of hygge had taken on a pleasantly sozzled, Arctic flavour. Architecturally, it reminded me of northern Norway; wooden cabins with steep triangular rooftops northern lights dating for dealing with heavy snowfall. For the locals, the Northern Lights come and go mostly unnoticed, but for tourists they are a big deal.

Congregations of gloved photographers can be found on the fringes of town, fiddling endlessly with exposure durations and F-stops.

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