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When I asked him a question about his life, he would almost always ask me the same question back. A passive guy all around and sort of lazy. Anyway, long story short — he turned out to actually be a player. Players are not interested in anything more than the superficial. I am not saying your guy is a player but if I were you, I would look at any other signs of disinterest from him. Could be he is just shy. If you see player type behavior in conjunction with this, run as fast as you can!

July 20, at 2: She stumbled on this site and then sent it to me for my thoughts. Do you all not understand that we are not the same? In our very essence we are different, but those differences are absolutely wonderful…. Most men TRULY are not players. Shame on us, women!! The majority of men and there will always be exceptions do not ask questions in machine gun fashion as women do. Pay closer attention to what he does than what he says. That demonstrates that he cares enough to use his mental space to remember things about you.

That demonstrates that he wants you to understand what a good worker he is, etc. We spend far too much time expecting and even to some degree wanting men to think and communicate as we do. We look online dating he never asks questions meaning in every comma and lacking exclamation point. Instead, we should online dating he never asks questions what it is that men want from the conversation and subsequent relationship with us… they want someone with whom they can share everything … that means they need someone with whom they can feel safe, not judged, not chastised, not corrected.

They are truly looking for someone they can share their most guarded emotions with… because men have them! My advice to the original poster, put your pride aside. July 20, at 3: None of these outcomes is good. If you were my friend, I would advise you not to continue with him. Even if he is clueless, as another poster suggested, do you really want to date someone who does not understand the basic rules of social interactions?

August 14, at 5: According to some articles, I think that men would take that as a sign that they are incapable or need help. August 14, at 6: But to address the same issues, whatever the differences, it is RUDE plain RUDE to never ask any questions, whether your guys is sensitive or not. Usually it is an indication of deeper issues, i. A person who is not interested in you. If you see both sides of the story as equally valid, i.

Clearly, if you posted here then you are not happy with it, and I dare say you have all reasons not to be. Lets not look and invent fancy explanations to simple things. A nice decent caring guy would not be behaving this way. He wants to tell me, so he tells me. August 15, at 9: Great comments and insight this morning dating profile both, could very well be true but not quite ready to give up, just yet.

Another friend had the same comment as M in that, some people feel they are being respectful by not asking questions and allowing the other person to share what they care to share. I am the opposite in that I want to know how a person feels, what they think, what they admire, dream of, love, hate, online dating he never asks questions and on. Maybe some people feel that is rude and too intrusive. So, I will take the next leap and ask if he is curious about me or would like to know more about me.

Thanks again for act dating online dating he never asks questions input. August 17, at online dating he never asks questions I guess he seemed more interested in me in the beginning, and I figured something turned him off and made him not want to know more…but not stoop seeing me, conveniently. Put it to the test. So you do the same: If she replies with a online dating he never asks questions topic or a question, congratulations!

She probably just needed some prompting. But be prepared to keep the conversation going the dating website art date, too. But this the point of dating: However, she might be thinking things are going just fine. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, too. I wish you all the best with your search! Nothing wrong with a little good karma! May you never haunt OkCupid again!

Before you log off, give a heads-up to any other girls you were messaging. A polite goodbye similar to: But I actually just started seeing someone, and I want to see where it goes. Conclusion It sucks to get stuck in a dud messaging situation. These tips can help you figure out if the situation is worth saving and how to handle it.

When to Stop Messaging a Woman

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