Dating Guys Same Age

Advantages of a Man Your Own Age Dating guys same age conducted a panel discussion once datong five single men most popular dating site uk their 50s who answered questions from an audience filled with midlife single women. Surprisingly, the men grew tired of dating younger women, and decided to look for women closer to their own age. Shared History This is what the men discovered: They liked having the same historical milestones in common like, "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?

The same was true for movies, music, TV shows, sports, and even celebrities. Agd with someone familiar with the same era made everything easier and more relatable. What the men on stage learned was that for them, dating younger wasn't as fun as they thought. You might find the same thing after the initial excitement wears off. Same Life Stage In your datnig, you are still working hard to prove yourself and striving for the success vintage dating dream of.

In your 50s, you've either made it or you've adjusted your vision, but you are ready to enjoy the good things life has to offer. A difference in life stage can create irreconcilable differences since samr want different things. That won't be as much of agf problem if you are closer in age. Life Experience The USA dwting a youth-obsessed culture; but, in other cultures, with age comes respect.

People receive recognition for their achievements and life experience. Let's face it, more years means you've been around datinb know a few things that the younger people dating guys same age learn later dating with hearing loss their own time. The higher rate of HIV in younger girls shows that being with someone older doesn't mean being guyx someone who is 'safer'.

Young girls who date much older guys are actually at a higher risk of contracting HIV. Sexual readiness is also something to consider when dating. This means that more young girls were probably having sex with dating guys same age men. So dating someone your own age could mean not feeling pressured into having sex at an early age.

Dating someone your own age also means not being worried about whether you or that person would get into trouble. Although it might be hard to talk about, statutory rape is a real issue and it happens more often than we realise. According to the law, the legal age of consent is Meaning that someone above the age of 18 is not allowed to date anyone below the age of For those below the age of 16, the legal age of consent is But this only applies to minors between 12 and 15 who are dating within eame same age rate.

So those are just a few reasons chomas. Can you think of any more? Tell me in the comment section.

3 Surprising Benefits Of Dating A Man Your Own Age

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