Dating Iron Beds

Step 2 Look through antiques stores for bed frames in similar styles. Bed frames made in similar styles can date from the same time free south africa mobile dating sites. Some of the design styles that rose to prominence when Iron beds were popular include the Victorian style of the mids, the Art Nouveau style of the late 19th online dating chat kolkata and the Art Deco style of the s and s.

Iron-bed frames created dating iron beds these styles may date to these datibg periods. Step 3 Examine the bed dsting an dating iron beds, trade mark or stamp that identifies the manufacturer. This mark may include a date of manufacture. If the maker is no longer in business, you can narrow the date of the bed to the time period before the manufacture closed. Consult antiques books for a befs of bed designs made by that manufacturer.

Many furniture best quality dating websites change their designs over time. An individual piece of furniture's design helps to narrow the date of manufacture down. Step 4 Look at the structure of the bed. Antique iron beds were built into the frame. They generally consisted beda a headboard and foot board and side rails. BRASS AND IRON ANTIQUE BEDS - to BRASS BEDS First made during the s, but not generally popular until about Considered a hygienic alternative to wood, used by all classes.

Price was largely dictated by the amount of brass in the construction, the datig being all iron or iron with brass knobs and end-rails, the most expensive all brass. The best and largest number of manufacturers. Some four-post brass beds were made, but most were half-tester or had bbeds hung from side austrian dating sites. Straightforward double-ended beds without drapery were increasingly common after Designs were variable, generally not following contemporary fashions.

Most had al strong vertical and horizontal emphasis; some had fancy scrollwork. Cast dating iron beds cornices were a rare bonus. CAST AND IRON Cast- and wrought-iron and taper brass tubing; after aboutbrass-plated steel.

How to Determine Age of an Antique Metal Bed Frame

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