Dating A Cat Lady

There will be cats all over your house and there will be videos all over Facebook. You will also have to visit the animal shelter at least once a month. Every crazy cat lady needs real live cat lovin's and you will have to make sure that need is met. Crazy cat ladies tend to show their affection the same way cats do, and they do this with head boops grad student dating app rubbing. Head boops dating a cat lady my personal favorite.

It is like a mini headbutt, only they dating a cat lady hit you at whatever spot is closest. You will learn caat you must return this affection ASAP. Returning lovin's is necessary to maintain a strong relationship with your crazy cat lady. All the love in the world. By taking care of your crazy mblaq members dating lady, you are not only getting dating a cat lady love of the lady, but also all the cats in her life. The cats will see how you take care of her and will love you for it, considering they cannot take care of her themselves.

The amount that she baby talks to her cat really comes to light when she tries to baby talk to you and says the wrong name. It's without a doubt more forgivable than slipping the name of an ex. It's Christmas every week. Every time she goes dating a cat lady she finds a new gift. You're not completely on w back burner, though.

Your gifts are just hot dating site for free She doesn't act like your mom. She already has to cook and clean for her cat, she didn't sign up for her significant other to be another pet. Expect dating a cat lady make your own meals, probably even her meals, and most definitely pick up your own dirty laundry.

You feel like you already have a child. Everybody needs a dose of cute sometime, maybe llady cat ladies are just more honest about being crazy in love with cats. I have a totally cool friend, who could be called a datng lady because she recently adopted a special-needs kitten. Does that make her a crazy cat lady, or a compassionate and caring woman?

Cat people are known to be highly intelligent, patient, and can see past first impressions. They are strategic thinkers, great at solving mysteries, and know how to deal with mood swings. A crazy cat lady is actually a catch, and if you find one, do everything you can to hang on to her. Love her, love her cat.

5 Reasons You Should Date A Cat Lady

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