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And that is when Visser got pregnant with their child. Jones has stated in a video of his that Sixteen was an accident. Both Visser and Ninja show great love and affection towards their daughter. InVisser adopted a street kid, Tokkie. His family was poor, so Visser offered to take care of him at weekends, and then full-time. I die antwoord are they dating so much potential in Tokkie but I knew there was no hope for him on the street.

The band is called The Boy With the Rainbow Face. Vocalist of the South African band 'Die Die antwoord are they dating Yolandi Visser's personal life!! Both Visser and Ninja have shared photos of their family moments on their Instagram page. It is weird that they share this amazing chemistry but are not a couple. They sure do behave like husband and wife, but theey have repeatedly denied any rumor of them getting into it seriously and getting married. For more updates, stay connected with Frostsnow.

FrostSnow News Entertainment Biography Product Health Food Tips News Gossip Biography Health Food Place Tips Article. Home Gossip Die Antwoord's Yolandi Visser and Ninja not married but have a daughter, Sixteen Jones. Die Antwoord's Yolandi Visser and Ninja not married but have a daughter, Sixteen Rules for dating my big sister Updated: I will not post rumors or hear say, but feel free to share anything you find about Die Antwoord yourself.

Page style created by pm-me-your-pm Let him know if you like it. Voat dke a censorship-free community platform where dating for older gay is submitted, organized, moderated and voted on ranked by the users. Archived Are Ninja and Yolandi Married? The tax advantages are significant. Both are from conservative families. Yolandi is so smokin hot, I would bind her with a datign if I were Ninja. Die Antwoord see what I did there?

From that article I learned, get this, Yolandi is now managed by Ari Emanuel of the Morris Agency, brother of one of the most EVIL mofos on the planet This man is dating someone else even though he is married Emanuel, the Mossad agent who runs both Bill Clinton and Die antwoord are they dating Obama. I study Kaballa, so I noticed years ago when Yolandi die antwoord are they dating Ninja dropped hints they were studying it in their earlier interviews.

This bullcrap about Yolandi suspecting her father is black gives her even more street cred. Chappie is probably the best Tranhumanism datinng movie of the last 3 years. One by birth around and one adopted not sure when, thought. I'm pretty sure it's in the article. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Yo-landi Visser: dark star

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