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After assessing your education institutions, degrees, professional titles, number of referrals, preferences, and influencer status, an algorithm tallies up a score, and a human team reviews your photos. She offered one last defense of the process: Statistics show the league online dating app people tend to meet their spouse at school or at work, and The League is simply mirroring this model in a curated online environment.

In Philly, the community Bradford envisions the league online dating app already taking shape. Philly will also allow the startup to come full circle. Bradford says Philly actually launched The League two years ago when Wharton students mistakenly got a notification about the platform while it was still in stealth mode. The League Click here to read more about why you shouldn't post photos with your ex on dating the league online dating app. A few hours after joining the waitlist, I got in!

The League They like me, they really like me! Reading the rules, I find it interesting that I only get to pick from a few guys per day. I guess that the league online dating app each match more special, but it doesn't sound as fun as Tinder. The League A cute but fake "concierge" sent me the ground rules. The League There are a lot of ground rules. Also, I'm pretty wary of anyone who uses the word "classy" speed dating manchester saturday. The League Okay, can I see some guys already?

It took a few minutes to load. The League When they finally appeared, I didn't end up liking that many of them. It felt cold and clinical to analyze people based on stats like their alma mater, height, and occupation. Tinder feels like a cocktail party where you're constantly flirting with people you like. The League And once I did "like" someone, if he hadn't liked me back, he stayed on the screen instead of disappearing as unfulfilled matches do on Tinder.

This gave me some light feelings of rejection that I never experience while using Tinder. The League Once you do match with someone, you have 21 days to message each other. My matches look good on paper — they're mostly Ivy League grads who work in finance. You can add pictures of yourself, along with as much or as little biographical information as you'd like. Screenshot Other users are shown where you work and your interests, too. Screenshot Here's the full menu.

Internet dating heartbreak can look at your potential matches for the day, check out the people you've been matched with already, look at your own profile, and more. Screenshot Under "settings," you can see information like how many of your friends are on The League, how many VIP tickets you have VIP tickets let you invite friends to "jump the line" and get into The Leagueand when you joined.

Screenshot When you've exhausted the five people you've been shown that day, here's the message you're shown. You're shown a new the league online dating app of people each day at 5 p. Also note the blue dot in the upper right corner — that means you have an alert in your matches either a new match or new message. Screenshot When you match with someone, you can choose to chat with them, or keep swiping through your potential matches.

Screenshot See the clock symbol in the upper right corner? You can use it to make a match expire, or to essentially unmatch someone. This is the pop-up that appears when what is a good introduction for a dating site tap the clock symbol.

Philly Millennials With Top Jobs and Good Teeth, Your Dating App Has Arrived

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